Fishing in San Martín de los Andes

We’re starting a new section on our WeFish blog where we will be showcasing all those unique places, perfect for fishing. We like to explore those corners of the world that hide magical places where you can disconnect and enjoy the wonders of this sport. We start this new feature talking about a town in the northwest of Patagonia, Argentina. We will get to know what fishing is like in San Martín de los Andes. What are the most common species? Where are the best places there to fish? Why is this place so special?  San Martín de los Andes […]

TopFishingLakes:Sport Fishing in Extremadura PART 1

In this interview, we will get to know the WeFisher José Carlos and his website, dedicated to fishing in Extremadura, Top Fishing Lakes a little more. Check it out! José Carlos Carrascal has been working for Decathlon for 9 years, while also collaborating with the international brand Caperlan, their fishing brand. He lives in Madrid, although was born in Lumbrales, a small town in western Salamanca. More importantly, he has been a fisherman practically since he was born. In the middle of the confinement and with a bit of free time, he was able to materialize an idea that had […]

Let’s meet jfederero

WeFish managed to close a round of financing in just one week. During that time, many investors were able to join this project with a clear international growth path, and we want to highlight one of them, jfederero. What’s special about this investor compared to the rest? Juan Federero is not only an investor but also a user of WeFish. His passion for fishing has led him to fall in love with this project. How about we let him tell us himself? Take a look at his interview and learn more about his motivation. 

Sailwiz, shared boat outings for fishing or sailing

Going fishing by boat while sharing expenses or going on a sailboat vacation for very little cost is the proposal with which Sailwiz has revolutionized nautical tourism. It is no longer necessary to own a boat, rent one, or spend a lot of money to travel by sea and enjoy experiences such as fishing and sailing. You do not need a title, or a boat, or to search for a crew, with Sailwiz your next shared fishing or sailing trip is only one click away.   Hundreds of boat trip plans in more than 30 countries Sailwiz connects people who […]