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The Best Catches of February 2020

We continue to showcase the TOP Best Catches of February. With the app full of incredible pics by our users, will your catch be among the best rated on WeFish? Who do you think occupies the top spots for the best pics of February? Will we see you next in the TOP catches? Don’t miss out!
Saltwater fishing is taking the lead against freshwater fishing. Freshwater fishermen have managed to reduce the difference compared to those with saltier tastes. And you, where do you fish, out at sea or in fresh water?

Saltwater vs freshwater fishing
Saltwater vs freshwater fishing in WeFish


TOP Fishing pics during February 2020

Best Catches February 2020
We start the list with a legend in our app. Amologao gets 175 gold stars with this Seabass catch.


Seabass Fishing in WeFish
We continue with more Seabass. This time, the user Piopio gets the ninth spot with a seabass 200 grams heavier than the previous spot.


Best Catches February
Lucioper grabs the eighth place on the list of the best catches of February 2020 and 295 gold stars. Incredible Barbel! Too bad we don’t know its weight…


Pike Fishing
This user is no newbie. He has obtained one of the most valued catches of WeFish for the month of February: 305 stars with this magnificent Pike!


cephalopods fishing
Once again, Pajaritas gives us a great example of the spectacular catches that can be achieved with their handmade lures. Keep it up!


Exotic Fishes Fishing WeFish
We are halfway through the best catches of February. In the fifth spot, we have an expert in fishing. This exotic catch of a one-kilo Orangeside Triggerfish is worth 310 gold stars and an almost perfect average rating of 4.98.


TOP February Catches 2020
We continue the great catches of the month and we can’t miss a user like Lobo Vasco. This Corkwing Wrasse makes him get very close to grabbing the bronze medal. Great catch, you’ll get closer next month!


Best Catches February
We’ve reach the first step of the podium for the month of February. Of course Carlos Diestro does it with this incredible pike catch, but … How much does it weigh?


Veined Squid Fishing
The silver medal goes to SuperAL. This Veined Squid has received 325 golden stars and the second place in the February ranking. What a beast!


Atlantic Bonito WeFish
He is always on the TOP. Eugenio Déntole has achieved the most ranked catch on WeFish this month. The 2.2kg Atlantic Bonito received 465 golden stars! Congrats! Will you continue leading during March?

These have been the most ranked catches by WeFish users during February 2020! Will we see you on the list for March? Don’t miss any news of the best fishing community in the world and join WeFish to discover the best sport fishing images!

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