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How to catch more fish | FishLab

We know about that moment, when you arrive at your favorite fishing spot, you look at the water and think… What bait/lure do I use? Which one will work best under these conditions? What species are most active?

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to see what data our own catches have in common? In this way, we could discover the most effective baits and lures, when to use them, the irresistible lure colors and always taking account of the atmospheric conditions of the specific fishing spot. Well, all of this is possible, thanks to WeFish.

A new tool comes to WeFish: FishLab. With it, you will be able to check what your catches have been based on the atmospheric parameters, and thus, you will see in what conditions you have been more successful!

Experiments and fishing forecast at FishLab in WeFish.

The more data we include in the record of each catch we upload to WeFish, the more variables we can analyze with FishLab.

You arrive at your favorite lake or coastline… watching at sunset how the sun merges with the water on the horizon… a slight temperature… you place your feet near the water and think… What fishing equipment will be the most effective at this moment? Is a spinning technique or casting better?

Finding out is very simple, you just have to enter the variables among the many possibilities in FishLab and, based on the statistics of your own catches, WeFish will tell you which modality and lure will work best for you at that moment! Make hundreds of experiments with the different species, modalities, areas, lures, colors… And everything you can imagine!

To fully enjoy FishLab, the more catches you have in your diary, the more experiments you can carry out. Complete your fishing diary with information on each catch, in a totally private, anonymous and confidential way: the species, modalities, locations, baits, lures and colors of each of your catches. With all this data, to which only you will have access from your own account, you can choose between all the variables to form your perfect fishing gear for every occasion.

Fishlab WeFish

FishLab is the ultimate exponent of one of WeFish’s main ideas: Every catch counts. Each and every one of the catches included in your personal fishing diary will help you become a better angler. It’s very important to include all the material, lures and lure color data in each of your catches. Complete data in your profile will help you obtain more precise fishing statistics when you use this new tool.

You can see which is the best lure you have for a rainy day, which color of lure is most effective at noon, which modality is perfect for a specific species that you have previously caught, which of your lures works best for each modality, which bait you should use when there’s a full moon, or maybe a waning moon? or, why not better, on a crescent moon? All the formulas and questions you can imagine can be solved with FishLab in WeFish!

How can you use this fantastic tool? You just have to download WeFish and you will have access to all the statistics of your catches depending on the air temperature. Only WeFish Premium users will be able to access the rest of the filters and possibilities to formulate any experiment they can imagine.

How to use FishLab

Let’s imagine a moment: The body asks you for a day of fishing for seabass, Rockfishing, for example, and you want to go this weekend for the big fish in your usual fishing area, but… What is the most effective fishing modality for that area? The best bait or lure? This weekend there is a full moon… Does this affect the color of the lure you should choose? Well, we can see and analyze all this information  based on 5 atmospheric conditions:

  • Moon phase
  • Air temperature
  • Water temperature
  • Wind
  • Atmospheric pressure

We show you how you should make this search in FishLab:

In this search, FishLab confirms the following data:

  1. The best time to catch seabass, in our usual fishing area, is during the days of the waning moon.
  2. That soft plastics are our best tool to catch them with this modality.
  3. That they like brown or yellow color.

Now we know which days are the best to go out to catch the fish of our dreams and what kind of material we need to achieve it.

Discover which conditions work best for you in each of your fishing areas. Find out which are your most effective materials in each situation. Make the most of your Fishing Diary to improve as an angler.

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