Your validation matters!

On the public board (Fishline) you can assess the catches of the community, learning how, when, where and with what people fish around the world.

From WeFish – Fishing Diary and Forecasts, we want to promote a respectful practice and the best use of the platform, we want to transmit you our recommendations to evaluate a capture.

Value Positively


There are several aspects to take care:

  • The photo of the catch, according to the User Manual, must be respectful with the species and in a natural environment. No photos in the kitchen, blurred photos, with blood, etc. Is better to see quality photos.
  • Real information in the catch, with its indicated species name. If you miss something, please tell us!
  • Information of the equipment used. We all like to see what equipment other users fish with.
  • Description of how the capture was catch. We all like a good story!

The captures will be validated when they have a minimum number of ratings with an average rating of more than 3, thus obtaining Golden Stars.

When to valuate with 1 star?

  • The catch photo that DOES NOT comply with the User’s Manual.
  • False information on the catch record, such as indicating that a shark has been caught in a landlocked region.
Captura incorrecta Manual Wefish

Those photos valued with 1 star, will disappear from your Fishline. With your vote, you will help to preserve the quality of the catches, validating the information contained and creating a community that respects the environment and our passion.