WeFish is the best fishing app in the world and, to get the most out of what will be your best fishing partner from now on, you will have to upload your catches to your profile.

But exactly what are the benefits of posting your catches on WeFish? Is it really as useful as they say? Could it be that you haven’t realized that you have the best fishing tool on your mobile? To solve these questions, we are going to list the many advantages of uploading catches to your WeFish dishing diary.

The most accurate fishing forecasts

At WeFish we have created the tool that offers you completely personalized and effective fishing forecasts. We call it FishGuru. Nothing more and nothing less than the definitive tool to know where and when to fish. It also allows you to access the activity details of each of the species available in your area! You can check the activity by hours, the most effective modalities and what are the best colors of lures for each of your future catches.

How can you do it? As shown in the example below: You select a point on the map and a specific date to see the fishing activity that will take place. By clicking on the FishGuru you will also be able to find out the species with the highest probability of activity, based on the weather forecast and the data collected from catches in the area. In such a way that, if you want to catch a Black Bass, for example, we will indicate the most effective modalities in these conditions and for this area, the types of baits and lures and even the colors that would work best.

Data that FishGuru offers are totally personalized for each angler.

But these data do not come out of nowhere, we do not lift a finger to the sky to see where the wind is coming from. This tool has a very high technological component that is directly related to the information of your catches. Information, by the way, completely private and confidential, which cannot be accessed by any other user.

Plan your fishing trips with personalized forecasts.

Know the behavior of the species you catch

All your past catches will not only allow you to have better fishing forecasts on WeFish. You will also be able to know the behavior of each of the species that you have caught. Every fish counts! Do not stop uploading a catch because the fish is small or the photo did not turn out as you expected. That fish will get bigger and knowing what you have to do to make it bite can help you catch it again in the future, at that point, you can take a picture of your big catch.

But there is still more, all the statistics you need to become a professional sport fishing! Know all kinds of meteorological information about that catch: the solunar phase it was in, the state of the tide, the temperature, the wind speed and the atmospheric pressure at the exact moment of the bite.

Fishing Diary
Collect all the necessary information about your catches to better know each species.

Save your catches forever

You are in a conversation about fishing with friends and you remember that Black Bass of almost 11 pounds that you caught last year, but when you go to show the pic of the catch you cannot find it in your photo gallery. In addition, there are questions from curious anglers that sometimes our memory does not reach to answer: What bait did you use to catch it? Where was that catch? Did you catch it by casting or by spinning? Do you remember how the weather was that day? …

With WeFish this problem disappears, when you upload a catch it is recorded in your fishing diary with all the useful information. That is, you not only keep the photo forever, but also the name of the species, the fishing modality, the materials used, the meteorological data of the exact moment of the catch, etc. So the next time you want to show one of your catches or simply remember it yourself, it will be as easy as entering your WeFish profile and looking for it in the fishing diary, which you can sort by modality, species and even location.

In addition, it won’t stop here and it’s that it seems that a fishing day tastes better when you can show the results to your friends and family. Therefore, once you upload your capture to WeFish, you will be able to share it in different ways such as WhatsApp, instagram, messages… They will not only see the photo of the catch, also your username in the app, the scientific name of the caught species and the fishing modality, as seen in the image below.

Save your catches and share them with everyone.

Become the best WeFisher

Uploading your catches to WeFish not only benefits you as a fisherman, but also as a WeFisher. Within the app you will receive different rewards when you upload a catch:

In this way you will be able to improve day by day in the app and who knows, perhaps you will reach the legend level or the number 1 position in our ranking, everything is to propose!

If after reading this post you still don’t animate to upload your catches to WeFish, you will be missing a great opportunity to be a better angler and to enjoy this wonderful sport more.

It’s easy, fast and it only brings advantages, what are you waiting for? 🤠