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Fishing is enjoyable to do, but selecting gear is hard. How many times has it happened to you that a reel was incompatible with the rod? Well, we are here to help you with that! Now you can select a combination of rods & reels directly! In this way, you won’t have to worry about the rod and the reel being incompatible with each other. A badly balanced rod and reel cannot be thrown as far apart, either, making it difficult to spot bites. Click here to learn more about the different types of fishing rods.

Fishing reels are older than time. Rod and reel combos, which are paired by the maker, overcome this issue since both the rod and the reel have the same power and width of the string and the same weight of the lure or bait. Choose the best size combo for the fish you intend to capture and you will save time on testing to make sure you do not have a system that does not fit right while you are out on the lake.

Here in WeFish, we emphasize these issues to pick the right fishing rod and reel, so read on!

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Choose the best size Rod

Rods have a “power ranking” that should fit the kind of fish you are hoping to catch. Ultralight rods are suitable for very tiny fish located in lakes and rivers or in saltwater bays along the ocean. Light to medium light power rods are ideally adapted for small to mid-sized game fish such as bass and walleye, as well as many saltwater animals. Medium-heavy or heavy power rods are ideally matched to massive game fish such as giant catfish, pike, muskie, and big saltwater fish such as striped bass or tarpon.

Choose the best reel

Strong fishing reels are constructed around high-quality drag systems designed to apply smooth resistance when a fish takes a line off your spool. A smooth drag that can be precisely tuned is important to prevent a fish from snapping the line while you battle it—and to prevent a fish from taking too much line, which limits your power of the fish and raises your risk of losing it.

Right Fishing Rod & Reel

Choose the best type

At first sight, it seems clear that each form of fishing rod should be identical because you use it for the same reason. But this is incorrect since each type utilises various approaches depending on the type of fish that the angler is targeting.

Casting Rods

A fisherman will use a casting rod for circumstances that involve the positioning of a bait or lure. This form of rod has “guide circles” at the top of the rod. That ensures that the reels for the casting rod often rest on the top of the rod. Bear in mind that the casting rod is further divided into two types, namely spin casting or bait casting.

Rotating Rods

The shape of a spinning rod is like a casting rod but varies because it is thinner and lighter. This form is between 5 and 9 feet (2.74 meters) in circumference. The reel used for the spinning rods is connected and suspended from the bottom of the rod. The spinning rod has a bigger guide ring near the reel to reduce the tension on the line when you cast it. Since the reel is below the rod, most learners find it convenient and simple to practice.

Flying Rods

This is a specific form of fishing which is called an advanced angler’s reel. A fly rod can come in a number of sizes and shapes and can be used for fly fishing. The form of the rod is small, supple, and lightweight. This form helps you to complete a particular method to imitate a fly flying close to the surface of the water. This technique uses the wrist movement to snap the rod back and forth. The most distinguishing characteristic of the fly rod is the absence of the butt portion of the rod. Without a rigid butt part, the rod is whipping for a brief period to help you create correct castings.

Ocean Fishing Rods

Built to fish in the water, they are either small when used on vessels or long when used from land. The ocean rod is strong with a wide and long butt portion. This long butt segment is built to battle huge, powerful fish. Ocean rods would have unique, wide guide rings to navigate a heavy fishing line. In reality, the heaviest fishing rods in the ocean will target a shark!

Surf Fishing Rods

If you are going to fish from the beach, that is the rod for you. That is an ocean rod subcategory. This sort of rod is very long with a long reel and a handle. The length of the rod is long to cause a strong sink and bait to be thrown a long way off the shore. Plus, the long handle assists in a two-hand casting technique. This rod is going to imitate a bigger, longer variant of a spinning rod. You are going to want to use this rod while you are fishing from the beach.

Want to get some predictions about what kinds of fish are in your area? Check out the WeFish Fishing App, and it will notify you about the weather forecasts & types of fish in your locality. Then select the reel and rod combo from the list that is most suited for the fish near you!



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