Fishing for octopus, how to do it?

From WeFish blog we want to introduce you to the art of catching or fishing octopus. For this aim, we once again have the opinion and experience of Vítor Ganchinho, who has catch hundreds of octopuses over the years, as well as octopuses that weighed more than usual. Vítor is from Portugal, and says that in the Setúbal area it’s very common to find these cephalopods. The reasons are that they have a river with a very wide estuary, many areas of marshes and nearby mussels, particularly in Arrábida, where there is a lot of octopus. Characteristics of the octopus […]

Fishing for Gar: All you need to know

Gar are noteworthy opponents on rod and reel, one of the most wanted species by American freshwater anglers. In this post we will explain everything you need to know when fishing for gar: types, when and where to find them, how to catch them, best fishing equipment… Stay tuned at WeFish blog for more guides about fishing species! First of all we have to say that in this post we are talking about gar fish, the North American freshwater fish of the family Lepisosteidae, don’t confuse it with garfish or needlefish (Belone Belone). Also, gars are sometimes referred to as […]

Reflections on fishing

When asked about a fishing journey, we have a natural tendency to show the heaviest fish we’ve ever caught. What impresses are the large fish, the size, and like it or not, the mood of the person can even vary according to the weight of the fish. For this post we have the opinion of our friend Vítor Ganchinho, experienced angler and CEO of Go Fishing Portugal. Vítor says that in his fishing experiences he has caught many big fish, but also many small ones when the big ones did not appear or were not in the mood to be […]

Tuna fishing

Fishing for tuna is something amazing, both for the size of the animal and its strength. At WeFish we want to share with you the knowledge of the Portuguese fisherman Vítor Ganchinho, CEO of GO Fishing Portugal and passionate about sport fishing, with decades of experience. Vítor comments that this summer he and his partners have frequently been able to see illustrious figures of the sea such as some large tuna between 60 and 100 kg. These were gathered in schools attacking fish on the surface, and when six tuna are seen jumping, it is known that we will have […]

Fishing for Redfish: the definitive guide

If you wonder how to catch a redfish, don’t worry, you are in the right place. From WeFish we are going to explain some basic considerations when fishing redfish: characteristics of the species, where to find it, techniques to catch it, tricks and tips… Read it and run to cast the rod! Characteristics of the Redfish Redfish (Sciaenops ocellatus), also known as Red Drum, is a is a fish desired by many anglers. At first glance, one of the most distinctive features of this fish is the eyespot it has near the tail. In terms of its weight and dimensions, redfish […]

WeFish vs. Other Fishing Apps

Fishing apps are the order of the day. There are hundreds of them and sometimes we opt for the ones with the most downloads or the most famous ones, does that mean they are the best? WeFish may not be the most famous fishing app, but what does it have that the others don’t? Many things, we will show you in this post. Always private locations A particular fishing spot is not something all anglers are willing to share. When you find your fish sanctuary the last thing you want is for it to become crowded. And worst of all, […]

Fishing knots, which are the best?

Fishing knots may seem like a difficult or boring task, but they are a must for a successful fishing journey. For this reason, from WeFish we bring you this summary of the best fishing knots that you can make, useful and simple for those who are starting in this exciting sport. The most popular fishing knots Palomar knot The Palomar knot is a simple but very safe, resistant and strong knot, which is why it becomes one of the most famous for sportfishing. Its use is very varied but the most common is to join the line or thread to […]

The 5 most popular fishing modalities

TOP 5 – Fishing modalities Do you want to know which fishing modalities are successful in WeFish community? Today we bring you the favorite fishing techniques by our users, we have based this information on the number of catches achieved with each of them. Spinning The top modality is undoubtedly Spinning fishing, with more than 10 thousand total catches by users. This can be done in both fresh and salt water and is based on the movement made with the rod to fool prey and on the use of artificial lures. That is why it unleashes so much passion among […]

The Best Catches of February 2020

  We continue to showcase the TOP Best Catches of February. With the app full of incredible pics by our users, will your catch be among the best rated on WeFish? Who do you think occupies the top spots for the best pics of February? Will we see you next in the TOP catches? Don’t miss out!   Saltwater fishing is taking the lead against freshwater fishing. Freshwater fishermen have managed to reduce the difference compared to those with saltier tastes. And you, where do you fish, out at sea or in fresh water?   TOP Fishing pics during February […]

Best Fishing Tattoos | TOP 10

Are you a fisherman? Are you looking for an original and funny fishing tattoo? These are the 10 best fishing tattoos that only some brave and fishing lovers would dare to carry on their bodies. If you carry fishing in your blood and also want to carry it in your body, maybe you should have one of this fishing tattoos. Will our WeFish users have any tattoo of this type? Surprise yourself with them! Best Fishing Tattoos Fish tattoo by linework. Daring tattoo in the post part of the forearm. It’s a piece made all by line, of a rod and […]