Fishing lures

Fishing lures are a part of the essential equipment on a fishing day. These consist of artificial imitations of fish or prey necessary to attract our catches. How do we get the fish to bite? It will depend on the color of the lure, the shape or prey it imitates, the material and even the movement we give it to trick the fish. What fishing lure to choose? As we have mentioned before, fishing lures are imitations of prey, and together with the rod and reel, they are one of the most important elements when fishing. Having a box prepared […]

Grouper Fishing

Do you want to know everything about grouper fishing? Fishing tips, where to find them, characteristics of the groupers and more information here, in WeFish. Characteristics of the grouper There are a lot of species in the grouper family. They are salt water fishes, robust and hard, with a big head and mouth. The groupers are sedentary fishes with very big jaws that lives in warm and tropical waters. They are big sized, the biggest ones can reach more than a meter of length and more than 40 kilograms of weight. They have a big mouth with prominent lips. Grouper are […]

How to catch Dolphinfish or Mahi Mahi. The fish with a thousand names

This post is a complete guide of the fish with a thousand names. We will discover where and how to catch dolphinfish, dorado or mahi mahi. One of the most widespread fish on the planet, we can find it anywhere in the world. But in every part of the globe, this curious fish receives its own name. Instead, it can be recognized worldwide by its scientific nomenclature “Coryphaena hippurus”. Next, we review some of the most outstanding curiosities of this species and we will see techniques to catch it. The dolphinfish or mahi mahi is one of the most sought […]

Jig Fishing for beginners

Jig fishing has become in recent years one of the star modalities of sport fishing around the world, although it originally comes from Japan. From WeFish we tell you everything you need to know to get started in jig fishing: Technique, materials, species to catch, tips… Don’t miss it! Jig fishing or jigging comes from the word ‘jig’, the lures used for this modality, which imitate the vertical movement of a fish when it goes up to the surface (hence it’s also called vertical fishing). This type of fishing will allow us to catch a large number and variety of […]

Eging Fishing – The best guide

We are at a perfect time of year for squid, octopus and cuttlefish fishing. The best modality for catching cephalopods is eging fishing. It’s a very simple type of fishing. This style of fishing of Japanese origin has spread throughout the world thanks to its efficiency and ease. Eging fishing is so popular, in the first place, because it’s for catching species that you can find in much of the planet, which is why it’s a very widespread practice in most countries of the world. Second, it is a very fun modality, which we can practice on the coast or […]

Fishing with Soft Plastic. How to choose?

Soft plastics are, without a doubt, one of the coolest types of lures that we can use, both for the variety of solutions they provide and for their effectiveness. The perfection in their manufacture nowadays makes them really look like live fish, making fishing with soft plastic a guaranteed success. The soft plastic market offer is particularly wide. Sizes, colors, shapes, densities, textures, etc. In short, a whole set of possibilities that does not always facilitate the choice of one or the other model. So how do you decide? In this new WeFish blog post we will analyze in detail […]

The ugliest fish in the world

Are you ready to see which are the ugliest and rarest fish in the world? Don’t be scared when you see these photos of the compilation of the ugliest fish, by WeFish Blog. Compilation of the ugliest fish in the world Blobfish Known as “Mr. Blobby” affectionately and listed as the ugliest fish in the world. This species is found in the deepness between the coasts of Australia and Tasmania, and its body is made up of a cartilaginous mass, without having any muscle. They really don’t look like the one in the photo below, they get that ‘ugly’ when […]

Fishing for octopus, how to do it?

From WeFish blog we want to introduce you to the art of catching or fishing octopus. For this aim, we once again have the opinion and experience of Vítor Ganchinho, who has catch hundreds of octopuses over the years, as well as octopuses that weighed more than usual. Vítor is from Portugal, and says that in the Setúbal area it’s very common to find these cephalopods. The reasons are that they have a river with a very wide estuary, many areas of marshes and nearby mussels, particularly in Arrábida, where there is a lot of octopus. Characteristics of the octopus […]

Fishing for Gar: All you need to know

Gar are noteworthy opponents on rod and reel, one of the most wanted species by American freshwater anglers. In this post we will explain everything you need to know when fishing for gar: types, when and where to find them, how to catch them, best fishing equipment… Stay tuned at WeFish blog for more guides about fishing species! First of all we have to say that in this post we are talking about gar fish, the North American freshwater fish of the family Lepisosteidae, don’t confuse it with garfish or needlefish (Belone Belone). Also, gars are sometimes referred to as […]

Reflections on fishing

When asked about a fishing journey, we have a natural tendency to show the heaviest fish we’ve ever caught. What impresses are the large fish, the size, and like it or not, the mood of the person can even vary according to the weight of the fish. For this post we have the opinion of our friend Vítor Ganchinho, experienced angler and CEO of Go Fishing Portugal. Vítor says that in his fishing experiences he has caught many big fish, but also many small ones when the big ones did not appear or were not in the mood to be […]