Deep sea fishing

We know that deep sea fishing can seem like go all out, specially for newbies anglers, but don’t worry, let’s go step by step. At WeFish we want you to learn all you need to know to start practicing deep sea fishing, so here you have some considerations and important tips. If you are interested in the world of fishing or have doubts about something, don’t forget to look at our blog where we are uploading articles explaining different modalities of fishing and other important aspects. In case you have doubts and you don’t find a specific article about it, […]

Fly Fishing: an introduction

In this guide, as well as in the surfcasting guide, we will give advice on how to start fly-fishing and how to practice it correctly. Something very remarkable about this modality is the emotions it transmits since it is a spectacular and exciting modality. We will give advice on the materials to be used and an in-depth explanation of the materials required, we will also answer one of the most frequently asked questions and you will also have a list of the species with the best times to catch them. We hope that the guide will be of great help […]

Surfcasting an Introduction

The world of fishing is a complex world with all kinds of modalities and techniques, which if we do not know, we may get lost in it or not know how to start. That is why in this article you will find all the necessary information to introduce you to the world of surfcasting, a modality known for the peace and tranquility it generates in the fisherman. You will find from how to perform the modality, going through the necessary materials, the most caught species and ending with a series of tips and tricks for beginners. How to practice this […]

TopFishingLakes:Sport Fishing in Extremadura PART 2

A few weeks ago we told you part of the story of José Carlos Carrascal, a WeFisher, who works for Decathlon and collaborates with the Caperlan, the own fishing brand of this international. Here is the second part of this interview, remember to take a look at the first part of the interview in order to understand it better, don’t forget to visit his fishing portal in Extremadura Top Fishing Lakes. When and how did your passion for fishing begin? Before I was born, my father had already bought me my first fishing rod, so I think my destiny in […]