Is shark a mammal or a fish?

It is estimated that the first shark species appeared on the planet 400 million years ago and they have been diversifying ever since. Almost half a thousand different shark species have been known. Despite the great antiquity of the shark species, one of the most questioned issues regarding the sea is still debated: Is shark a mammal or is it a fish? Currently there are many defenders of the two positions. There is also a neutral position that ensures that it is neither one thing nor the other. In WeFish, we are going to solve this question that has intrigued […]

The most dangerous fish in the world

Here is the list of the most dangerous fish in the world by WeFish blog. Are you ready to find out what the real threats are in the water? The most feared species in the ocean that you should avoid crossing on a fishing trip, or can you catch the hunter? Some of these species, even small, can be even more threatening and deadly than any other animal. Inside the unknown ocean, we can find fish clearly recognizable by a fearsome appearance or a voracious attitude. The World’s Most Dangerous Fish: A Compilation Spotfin lionfish The body of the Lionfish […]

How To Catch Black Bass: The Definitive Guide

The Micropterus salmoides or Black Bass, is one of the favorite targets for the pursuit of sport fishermen, this is due to the apparently unpredictable nature of the behavior of these fish. At WeFish, we show you some key factors to know how to catch Black Bass, know their behavior and, in this way, guarantee success in the long-awaited catch. Where can we find them One of the main questions that arise when we plan the fishing day is where we can find the Black Bass. As it is a stalking predator, we usually find it in the named limits. […]

Catch and Release: The Best Tips and Tricks

5 recommendations so that your catch keep growing healthy after release Correct handling of catches increases survival in fishing without death More and more fishermen of all sport fishing modalities are practicing their passion by releasing the fish after they are caught. The practice of sport fishing without death, or C&R (Catch and Release) is not new, it has been practiced for many years in many parts of the world, and in the regulation of the fishing of some species of waters continental, such as common trout (Salmo trutta), we can find reserves and areas “without death” for decades. However, […]

Together Against Plastic 2.0 | Make Your Footprint Positive

We’re back with our campaign “Together Against Plastic”. Like last year, in WeFish we want to put an end to one of the most important problems at present: The pollution in our rivers and our seas. It’s time we get going against this problem. We want to mobilize sport fishing enthusiasts all over the world to eliminate waste from rivers and coasts around the globe. The main objective of this action is to eliminate (or at least reduce) the garbage from the environment and give visibility to a problem that affects us all. We want our footprint to be positive. […]

WeFish Marketplace: The first fishing marketplace in the world

The new update of WeFish Marketplace attempts to meet the demands and needs of sport fishermen. The creaton of a specific Marketplace of fishing. Each user can buy and sell fishing materials and articles there. On this platform you can find all kinds of products and services related to fishing. After many months of work, the WeFish team has developed a pioneering application in the world of fishing and sport in general. In this Marketplace, fishermen can buy any material they need to practice this sport. But this is not all, you can also earn money selling the products you […]