Best Fishing Times in Florida | Fishing Calendar for 2021

We all know that Florida is one of the best places to fish in the world. ‘The Sunshine State’ offers such a variety of fishing options that you will need two lives to experience all of them. Thousands of anglers come to this fishing paradise to reel in big game fish like Mahi Mahi, Tarpon, Sailfish or Marlin. Keep reading and discover the best fishing time in Florida.

From the northern part of Florida all down to the Keys, you can find amazing places to spend your fishing holiday. And the most amazing thing about Florida is that there are fish all year. Nevertheless not all species have the same activity during the year, in this post we will tackle how to know when is the best fishing time and we will analyze the fishing calendar in Florida.

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If you are planning on going fishing soon, you will probably want to pay attention to this section because it is going to change the way you plan your fishing trips. Now, when planning our fishing trip we did not know what species were going to be active, we only can analyze the weather conditions and decide, based on our own experience, when is the best fishing time. Somehow we were always taking a leap of faith hopping to be lucky and to catch lots of fish.

But this is over, by using WeFish you can base your decision on accurate predictions of the activity of fish in a certain area. It is as simple as selecting the area you want to go fishing and waiting for WeFish to bring you an activity forecast of the different species of that area. But how is this even possible? Where does this magic come from? Nowadays, computer processing power allows us to do incredible things, and WeFish has trained an intelligent algorithm with more than 500.000 catches from all over the world to analyze activity behaviour patrons hidden for the human eye. In other words, at WeFish we have built the first FishGuru. There is no need to say that here at WeFish we protect our users fishing spots, therefore this algorithm does not expose other people’s fishing spots in any possible way.

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With FishGuru you will be able to identify the best times to fish.

So, How to Choose the Best Fishing Times?

This is our recommendation if you want to know the activity in a 7-day range, but if you are planning a fishing trip in several months, we totally recommend checking this fishing calendar with the best fishing times. We have built it analyzing all the data of our Florida users.


In the northwest of Florida you can find species like Bass, Catfish, Grouper and Mackerel among others. The places we recommend going fishing are Pensacola, Destin, Panama City and Mexico Beach. And during the summer is the best season to go fishing there.

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Fishing in Florida
Best Fishing Time in the northwest of Florida [Green=Excelent/Blue=Good]

Big Bend Inland

The Big Bend region of Florida is an informal region of the ‘Sunshine State’. In this region we can place Takkahassee, Gainsville, Cedar Key and the Ocklockonee River. In this region there is not a lot of fishing activity but enough to enjoy some good fishing.

Best Fishing Times in Big Bend wefish app
Best Fishing Time in Big Bend, Florida [Green=Excelent/Blue=Good]

Central West

The Central West part of Florida is one of the best parts to catch fish. Do not worry about the fishing times, there is fishing activity all year, but we highly recommend going there from April to September. You will find the best places to fish in Tampa, Tarpon Springs and Sarasota.

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Fishing in Central West
Best Fishing Time in Central West Florida [Green=Excelent/Blue=Good]


In the southwest part of Florida you can find incredible places to fish such as Port Charlotte, Fort Myers, Naples or Everglades City and you will be able to reel in from Largemouth Bass to Snook.

Best time for fishing in south West Florida
Best time for fishing in south West Florida
Best Fishing Time in South West Florida [Green=Excelent/Blue=Good]


In Central Florida you can find great freshwater fishing. Our favorites places to go fishing are Ocala, Orlando and Lake Okeechobee.

florida fishing
Best Fishing Time in Central Florida [Green=Excelent/Blue=Good]


This area may not be the most active zone of Florida but it can offer amazing fishing days all year long. Snappers and Bass are very active (no matter when is the best fishing time) and if you are lucky you can reel in some Mahi Mahi. Jacksonville, St. Agustine and Daytona Beach are the favorite places of our users to go fishing.

best time for fishing in florida
Best Fishing Time in Northest Florida [Green=Excelent/Blue=Good]

Central East

If you want to catch Barracuda you should visit New Smyrna Beach, Cape Canaveral, Melbourne, Port St. Lucie or Stuart. The central east part of Florida offers great fishing during the year and it is a place where anglers like to spend long fishing days.

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Best Fishing Time in Northest Florida [Green=Excelent/Blue=Good]


In the southeastern part of Florida we can find one of our favorite places to fish, Miami, but also other incredible places such as West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Jupiter. This is an area where Sharks, Sailfish and Snapper are highly active most parts of the year, the best fishing time is now.

best time for fishing in southest florida
Best Fishing Time in Southest Florida [Green=Excelent/Blue=Good]

The Keys

The Keys, one of those little pieces of heaven on earth. They offer great fishing possibilities for those willing to take them. Incredible species such as Snapper, Tuna, Grouper or Sailfish await there for avid anglers to cast their lines. Once you are there do not forget to visit Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon or Key west.

florida fishing wefish app
florida fishing wefish app
Best Fishing Time in Southest Florida [Green=Excelent/Blue=Good]

Florida is the perfect place for fishing, it has a wide variety of fish, fishing waters, and it has a year-round fishing climate, undoubtedly Florida will continue to be the place to fish.

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