Florida Fishing License | How much does it cost?


If you want to know the florida fishing license cost, you are in the correct place. The Sunshine State is one of the best places in the world for practicing any type of fishing. That is why you will find it impossible to resist picking up a rod while you are here. But before starting you must make sure to get a Florida fishing license. It is important to be covered while you are fishing in Florida. This is why we have written this post, to answer some of your questions about the matter.

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Even if you are a resident or a visitor, you need to purchase a fishing license before you cast a line in Florida’s waters. There are some exceptions, but we strongly recommend you to get a saltwater license to hook up on saltwater fish in the bays, lagoons and ocean or to get a freshwater fishing license if you want to reel in freshwater fish in rivers and lakes. But remember that each type of fishing license covers you for some species, if you are fishing in a place with salt and freshwater and you catch a fish you are not covered for, make sure to release it immediately. That is why we think that in order to better enjoy Florida’s fish, it is better to purchase both licenses and just worry about enjoying and nothing else.

Who needs a Florida fishing license?

As mentioned before, almost everyone who wants to cast in Florida’s waters must be covered with a Florida fishing license. All non residents over 16 and any resident aged between 16 and 65 must get a license, if you belong to any of these groups and you catch a fish in Florida without a license, you are doing it illegally. 

The good news for visitors to Florida who want to fish on seawater is that there is no need to purchase a license if they book a fishing charter. All fishing charters cover licensing for everyone on board, so this is a perfect option to just sit back and enjoy your time fishing. However, freshwater charters do not cover their customers, so you will need to purchase a fishing license. Additionally, you can also find licensed fishing piers where you can cast without any need of a license of your own.

But not everybody needs to be covered, the following groups don’t need to pay to fish:

  1. Residents receiving food stamps or benefits are allowed to do land-based saltwater fishing without a license.
  2. Florida residents with severe disabilities do not need to pay to fish with a Florida Resident Disabled Person Hunting and Fishing License.
  3. Any Florida resident can ask for a free shoreline fishing license, allowing them to fish saltwater species from land or structures attaches to the land
  4. Military personnel from Florida who are home up to one month do not need any kind of license to fish.

If you are eligible to fish without a license you must make sure to bring with you all documentation proving you do not need a license.

In addition, you can acquire your fishing licenses in various places, both physical and online. We tell you about it in this blog posts: Where to buy a Florida fishing license? and more specific Who sells fishing licenses in Florida?

florida fishing license cost
Children under 16 must bring proof of age with them.

Cost of a Florida fishing license

As we have seen before, if you want to cast in Florida’s waters and catch incredible fish, you may have to purchase a Florida fishing license. There are different types of licenses depending on what you want to catch and how long. For example, if you are visiting Florida for a couple of days, you will be more keen to purchase a 3-days license, while someone who resides in Florida may prefer to purchase a 3-year fishing license. Let’s take a look to all types of florida fishing license cost:

Florida resident saltwater licenses

Saltwater licenses cover both watercraft and shoreline fishing. These are the different licenses you can purchase to practice saltwater fish if you are a Florida resident.

License nameCost
Youth Saltwater Fishing License – valid until 17th birthday$17.00
Five-Year Saltwater License$79.00
Annual Saltwater License$17.00
Annual Saltwater Shoreline License – It only covers saltwater fishing only from shorelines and attached structures accessible from land$0.00

Non-resident saltwater licenses

Non-resident must purchase a different license as well:

License nameCost
Annual License$47.00
Seven-day License$30.00
Three-day Saltwater License$17.00

Saltwater permits – residents and non-residents

There are some species that require a special permit if you want to catch them. Unless exempt from license requirements, permits are necessary for the take of Snook and Spiny Lobster. Tarpon tags required to land tarpon.

License nameCost
Annual Spiny Lobster Permit$5.00
Five-Year Spiny Lobster Permit – Florida residents only$25.00
Annual Snook Permit$10.00
Five-Year Snook Permit – Florida residents only$50.00
Tarpon Tag – available only at tax collector offices$51.50

Additional information about saltwater permits

License nameCost
Annual Shore-Based Shark Fishing Permit$0.00
Annual Stone Crab Trap Registration$0.00
State Reef Fish Angler Designation – those fishing for reef fish from a private vessel in Gulf and Atlantic waters. No exemptions except youth under age 16$0.00
Tarpon Tag – available only at tax collector offices$51.50

Florida Resident Lifetime Saltwater Fishing licenses

This license includes saltwater fishing license and Piny Lobster ab Snook permits.

13 or older$301.50

Florida resident freshwater licenses

Required to take or attempt to take native or nonnative freshwater fish.

License nameCost
Youth Freshwater Fishing License — valid until 17th birthday$17.00
Five-Year Freshwater License$79.00
Annual Freshwater License$17.00

Florida non-resident freshwater licenses

License nameCost
Annual License$47.00
Seven-day License$30.00
Three-day License$17.00

Florida resident combination licenses

License nameCost
Annual Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing and Hunting$48.00
Annual Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing$32.50

Gold Sportsman’s Licenses

Includes Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing and Hunting licenses and  Spiny Lobster, Snook, Management Area, Archery, Crossbow, Muzzleloading, Deer, Turkey and Waterfowl permits.

License nameCost
Youth Gold Sportsman’s License — valid until 17th birthday$100.00
Annual Military Gold Sportsman’s License$20.00
Annual Gold Sportsman’s License$100.00
Five-Year Gold Sportsman’s License$494.00

Florida Resident Lifetime Gold Sportsman’s licenses

IIncludes Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing and Hunting licenses and Snook, Spiny Lobster, Management Area, Archery, Crossbow, Muzzleloading, Deer, Turkey and Waterfowl permits.

13 or older$1,001.50

How is a resident defined?

It is important to clarify who is considered a Florida resident and who isn’t in order to be sure what type of license we must purchase. Any person who has declared Florida as his or her state of residence, with a valid Florida driver license or a identification card with its residence and address set in Florida and verified by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (HSMV). Also people with a Florida voter Registration card, homestead exemption or a declaration of domicile can use these documents as a proof of Florida residency.

Active duty United States military personnel stationed in Florida, including spouses and dependent children residing in the household, with military orders are also considered as Florida residents.

Well WeFisher now you know the Florida fishing license cost, there is now excuse to not grab the rod and head to Florida. Discover how to get a fishing license in Florida, follow our tips and get yours to catch the fish of your dreams.

Florida Fishing License | How much does it cost?


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