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Grouper Fishing

Do you want to know everything about grouper fishing? Fishing tips, where to find them, characteristics of the groupers and more information here, in WeFish.

Characteristics of the grouper

There are a lot of species in the grouper family. They are salt water fishes, robust and hard, with a big head and mouth. The groupers are sedentary fishes with very big jaws that lives in warm and tropical waters. They are big sized, the biggest ones can reach more than a meter of length and more than 40 kilograms of weight. They have a big mouth with prominent lips. Grouper are commonly brown with white spots, but it depends of their emotional and reproductor state. One curiosity of this specie is that they are hermaphrodites, they can change their sex. They reproduce in summer and can live till 50 years old.
It feeds from other small fishes, crustaceous and especially octopus, to whom run after at night. Groupers crush them with their powerful jaws. The lower one jaw stands out from the upper one.
Groupers are also very territorial, and they have an action radio of 500 m² to hunt their prey.

Grouper Fishing
Catch of a grouper by Eugenio Déntole

Where to found them

Grouper habitat is near to seaweed and corals, in rocky bottoms with caves. We can found them in Mediterranean Sea, in Pacific Ocean and in Atlantic waters. They prefer to live in rocky areas, where there are many holes and caves. It’s common to watch them from 10 meters of deepness. They are used to live always in the same zone but with different places where hide themself when they are in danger.
This fish is adapted to live in the deepness, they are between 20 and 200 meters under water. It’s a lonely fish that lives in holes. to fish them, it’s important to find a a deep area near a vertical wall, because it’s where the grouper usually set their home. They use this lairs to hide themself in case of danger.

Grouper habitat
Map of grouper habitat by WeFish

Types of groupers

There are a lot of species in the grouper family, here you have the most known:

  • Dusky grouper: We can find it in the Atlantic Sea and Mediterranean Sea.
  • Giant grouper: It is one of the biggest, they can measure more than 3 meters.
  • Nassau grouper: One of the most common in te USA. They live in tropical areas of the Atlantic.
  • Red grouper: They live in Florida coasts.
  • Jewfish or Atlantic goliath grouper: Very big, it can reach 300 kg.

Grouper Fishing

For many years, grouper fishing has been the target of spearfishers because of his big size, but now, grouper it is a protected specie.
You could try to fish them in breakwaters near ports, due as they use this areas to hide themself.
The right time to catch grouper is since September to March, the coldest months of the year. You will catch the best groupers using a boat, moving forward to arrive at the deepest zones. Also, it’s interest to know that the male groupers are the biggest ones.
The modalities for grouper fishing most used are the fishing line with hooks, and netting. But spearfishing is the top modality to catch this fish.
In areas with large number of groupers, as Mauritania, Senegal or cabo Verde, you can also fish them by trolling.

Grouper Fishing
Grouper caught by the WeFish user: Macabrito

How to fish groupers?

When you feel that the fish bite but it seems that your line has tangled with something, stop pulling for a moment. I’s probably that the fish has returned to their lair and they won’t stop pulling till they feel secure. The best you can do is to take advantage of the moment when it drops to pull again and tire the grouper. If it is a big catch, we mustn’t grab them from their gill covers, because they are serrated and they have lot of strength.
If you want to fish grouper in the deepness, the best modality is bottom fishing, for example in 400 meters. You will find big catches helped by a sounding line. Tip: You can use fluorescent objects inside the bait to see it in the deep water. The fishing rig is better to put it with some weights. And you will need a reel with a thousand meters of line more or less too.
Grouper fishing from shore with rod is so difficult, the catches of this fishes happens more by chance. The shortage of this specie in our upper waters makes very hard to feel the bite of the groupers. And, in case of a chance bite in our line, the grouper return very fast to their holes or caves.
Tip: we suggest to fish grouper with electric reels due to the deepness of their habitat, they never go up to the surface. 
Remember that its very difficult to catch them with line and hook, because even they bite, we can’t take them out from their caves. It’s better to use solid material, line not lower than 60 or 100 numbers, spinning reel (better an electric one), and a hard hook.
An other option is to use bottom line, a very hard line. And as bait, you can use an alive fish or a little octopus, skewered on a solid hook. If the grouper bite, there will be an amazing fight between the animal ant the fisherman.

grouper fishing
Grouper caught by SuperAL in WeFish

Fishing equipment

Grouper fishing require a rod with a length between 4 meters and 4 meters and a half, also a rod able to resist a power between 150 and 300 g.
To fish a grouper you will need a good fishing weight and many reel, because they are normally in the deepness, and they offer resistance when we pull them off his holes. The reel has to be big, to carry a line with 0,6-0,8 mm of diameter (the acurate for groupers). And also you need a spool that mesure 300 meters at least.
You will need very resistant and big hooks, able to stand the strength of grouper jaws. The best bait for grouper fishing are squid, chub mackerel, sardine, white crab, or octopus pieces, one of the favorite grouper food. But normally they bite any bait.

Grouper Fishing videos


Monster Goliath Groupers caught in the coast of Florida:


Bottom fishing for giant Goliath Groupers in Florida:


Massive Baits for Goliath Groupers:

Grouper fishing: Conclusions

The grouper it’s maybe te catch of a lifetime, even the smallest groupers will give you hard fights.
So if you want to watch amazing catches of groupers, free download WeFish!
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