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Together Against Plastic 2.0 | Make Your Footprint Positive

We’re back with our campaign “Together Against Plastic”. Like last year, in WeFish we want to put an end to one of the most important problems at present: The pollution in our rivers and our seas.

It’s time we get going against this problem. We want to mobilize sport fishing enthusiasts all over the world to eliminate waste from rivers and coasts around the globe. The main objective of this action is to eliminate (or at least reduce) the garbage from the environment and give visibility to a problem that affects us all. We want our footprint to be positive.

In order to carry out this important work, we have the collaboration of two giants in the sector, Decathlon Spain and the Spanish Association of Sport Fishermen.

WeFish users against plastic

The challenge begins on July 15 and ends on July 31. For just over two weeks, we will try to clean up the beaches, rivers and seas of all the polluting waste that damages the environment.

If you are a WeFish user, we have prepared a specific challenge for you in our app. The challenge will be called “Together against Plastic 2.0”, and to overcome this challenge you just have to upload a “catch” of the “trash” species. In this challenge you will have to fish any waste you find. Share your catch on social media to give greater visibility to this fight against pollution. In this way we will join together to help the environment and protect this sport we love so much, making your footprint positive.

Global Challenge “Together Against Plastic” | #TogetherAgainstPlastic

Being part of this challenge is as simple as it is rewarding, which is why we want everyone to participate, even if they are not users of our app. We must all work together to protect the environment and, in this way, be able to continue practicing our passion, sport fishing. To participate in this challenge, you just have to pick up all the trash you find in a natural landscape, take a picture of it and share it in your social media, mention WeFish in the post and include the hahstag #togetheragainstplastic.

In this way we will clean up our landscapes and reduce the amount of pollution in the environment, giving visibility and raising awareness of this serious and growing problem.

Partners and Awards

We have excellent travel partners to carry out this difficult task. Decathlon Spain and the Spanish Association of Sport Fishermen have joined the cause to give greater visibility to this problem that affects us all.

As in the first edition of Together Against Plastic, we had thought of giving away fishing equipment to users who complete this challenge. But, we have changed our mind and we want to give a different message. “Make a positive footprint”.

We have noticed that pollution is growing in these places and, for this reason, fish are becoming increasingly scarce. We think that the real prize of this challenge is to have a clean space and to preserve those natural places where we practice sport fishing and where we can continue enjoying our best passion, which makes us taste the freedom and that deep connection with nature.

Challenge Summary

  1. The Together Against Plastic 2.0 challenge begins on July 15 and ends on July 31.
  2. If you are a WeFish user, upload your “catch” with the species “trash” in our app and you will win golden stars.
  3. You can share your catch on your social media to give more visibility to this action that benefits us so much.
  4. Mention WeFish and tag your post with the hashtag #togetheragainstplastic.
  5. Make your footprint positive.

We share with you some of the best images from our first edition of “Together Against Plastic”, which took place a year ago.

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