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best fishing tattoos

Are you a fisherman? Are you looking for an original and funny fishing tattoo? These are the 10 best fishing tattoos that only some brave and fishing lovers would dare to carry on their bodies. If you carry fishing in your blood and also want to carry it in your body, maybe you should have one of this fishing tattoos. Will our WeFish users have any tattoo of this type? Surprise yourself with them!

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Best Fishing Tattoos

Fish tattoo by linework

Daring tattoo in the post part of the forearm. It’s a piece made all by line, of a rod and a fish. What specie it is? What do u think?

fish and rod tattoo
Fish and rod tattoo – Via Pinterest

Original tattoo of a fishing girl

A pretty tattoo in the back of a woman. We can see a girl over the rocks fishing different sea species. Very fine and elegant. The design create a curious game between the back and the arm.

fishing tattoo
Fishing girl Tattoo – Via Pinterest

Best fishing tattoo of a rainbow trout

A very flashy tattoo for rainbow trout fishing lovers. It takes up a big part of the arm and it’s a great election without a doubt.

trout tattoo
Fishing tattoo: Rainbow trout – Via Pinterest

Fish and rule tattoo

In this case there are two tattoos in one: A fish in the arm and a ruler in the leg. If you are a practical fisherman and you are searching for an easy and fast way to measure your catches, this is a good option. It will seem crazy, but “the rule in leg” design has become on of the best fishing tattoos.

fishing tattoo
Fish and rule tattoo – Via Pinterest

Heart with hooks tattoo

This little tattoo is a symbol of love for fishing, or maybe of the love between two anglers. With two hooks it makes up a little heart that will look good in any part of the body. But in this case it is situated in the foot.

best fishing tattoos
Heart and hooks tattoo – Via Pinterest

Fishing tattoo: Colorful lure

Beautiful lure tattoo with amazing colors. It is also written “Just fishing” for really fishing lovers.

fishing tattoo
Fishing lure tattoo – Via Pinterest

Incredible fishing rod tattoo

A really good job has been done with this tattoo, due to the very thin line. A fishing rod that look very well if you are lookin for something hidden but beautiful. This is without doubt one of the best fishing tattoos.

Fishing rod tattoo
Fishing rod tattoo – Via Pinterest

Little tattoo of hook and line

A little hook with line in the hand finger of which you will fall in love. This tattoo is small but very representative, as well as having lot of style.

Best fishing tattoos
Hook and line tattoo – Via Pinterest

Fishermen tattoo

In this case, it is a father fishing with his son, but it can symbolize the person who taught you going fishing and who introduced you in this world (father, mother, grandfather, etc.) An emotive tattoo plenty of sense.

fishing tattoo
Father and son fishing tattoo – Via Pinterest

Tattoo casting the fishing rod

An angler casting the rod into the water and enjoying of fishing in a natural environment. Very cute tattoo for fishing and nature lovers.

best fishing tattoos
Fisherman in the mountains tattoo – Via Pinterest

Fishing tattoos ideas

Are you looking for more fishing tattoos original ideas? Don’t worry, we haven’t finished yet. Now we are showing you a pair of videos with a lot of designs that will impress you. In the first one you can watch the best 30 fishing tattoo tribal type. In the second one there is a selection with 75 different fishing tattoos:

30 Tribal Fish Tattoos

75 Fishing Tattoos

What do u think? Do you already know what design you would like to have tattooed? If you like fishing and you want to join WeFish community, we invite you to download our free app of sport fishing.


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