WeFish vs. Other Fishing Apps

Fishing apps are the order of the day. There are hundreds of them and sometimes we opt for the ones with the most downloads or the most famous ones, does that mean they are the best?

WeFish may not be the most famous fishing app, but what does it have that the others don’t? Many things, we will show you in this post.

best fishing apps wefish app

Always private locations

A particular fishing spot is not something all anglers are willing to share. When you find your fish sanctuary the last thing you want is for it to become crowded. And worst of all, if it is crowded with fishermen and fisherwomen who don’t practice catch and release or respect the species, the most likely thing is that your favorite fishing spot ends up empty of fish.

WeFish has always been committed to safeguarding this value, the privacy of your catches. Only you will be able to see the exact location of your catches, always remaining private when you share them with the community.

There are other famous fishing apps that show the user countless fishing spots on the map, these are fishing spots introduced by the rest of the community. It may seem useful to discover new fishing spots, but think that if you have seen it, so will the rest of millions of users… In addition, the locations shown in which it seems that there are thousands of catches, end up in many cases being private properties or places closed to the public. So, why do you want to know a fishing spot when the direction is wrong?

In these other fishing apps, if you want to keep your locations private and not shared with the rest of the community… Surprise! You have to pay. At WeFish it is something that we offer for free since it is one of the fundamental values ​​of the company.

Fishing apps: WeFish location private
Adding a catch in WeFish: Location always private

Fishing data intelligence

Not all fishing apps have a prediction and forecasting system, something very useful for anglers. WeFish not only has it, but it is one of the best on the market. Why do we say that? Because it is based on fishing intelligence data, let’s explain it!

Our prediction system has a name, and it is FishGuru. It bases its predictions on the information and data of all the catches from the community that have been made in the area selected on the map. Also, the predictions are based on your own catches, the material you have used, the modality… Data that FishGuru offers are totally personalized for each angler!

If you want to know which species are more active at a particular point, just select it on the map and you will be able to see both the weather forecast and the activity of the species found in that area. There’s still more! Normally fishing apps only give you data about the time the fish will bite, with WeFish you can know the hourly activity of the species and also the more effective modalities, the best baits and lures to catch it and even the color of them.

best fishing apps wefish app
Data offered by WeFish prediction system: FishGuru

At WeFish you will be able to see the activity forecast of all the species in a particular area, and you will be allowed to see the details of each one of those species for free and without any complexity. However, not all users of fishing apps can enjoy this functionality. Some don’t even have it, and those that do only lets you see the tip of the iceberg, if you want to enjoy the complete feature you will have to become premium and pay as you can see in the app below.

Fishing apps forecasts and predictions wefish app
Other fishing apps forecasts and predictions system.

Responsible fishing values

Going into a fishing app and coming across photos of fish killings is not pleasant. Photos in the kitchen, catches full of blood, abused species… These are things that WeFish tries to avoid. That is why we we support the catch and release practices and the registration of high quality catches, meaning that the pictures of the catches must be taken in his natural environment with a fully respect for the fish. Our responsible fishing values and best practices ​​are indicated in WeFish user guide.

Not all fishing apps can boast of sharing these values ​​that are so necessary to keep sportfishing alive. How does WeFish promote a responsible fishing community? It´s easy, the users themselves are the ones who value the catches, they can even report them. When a catch receives many negative evaluations it is understood that it does not comply with the values ​​of responsible fishing and disappears from the app. We also repeat the message of what our values ​​are and the practice of catch and release to promote them in the community. In this way, in WeFish you won’t have to come across unpleasant photos as can happen in other fishing apps.

Catch and release WeFish best fishing apps wefish app
Catch and release by a WeFish user

WeFish vs. other fishing apps: Conclusion

Data intelligence, catch privacy, responsible fishing values, etc. They are essential elements in a fishing app to be able to offer the angler the best possible tool, and WeFish has them for free. This differentiates it from from the rest of fishing apps on the market, in which you have to pay to access the most accurate and useful features.

Does this mean that WeFish is better than the rest of the fishing apps? You will have to judge it yourself based on what we have told you, although if you try the app you will surely have it clear.

best fishing apps wefish app


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