5 Tips for Fishing in the rain 🌧️

In the world of fishing, not everything is knowing the use of the fishing rod and where to go fishing. On many occasions, we find ourselves in difficult conditions to overcome. Fishing in the rain can be a good or bad decision. So from WeFish, we are going to give you 5 tips for fishing in the rain, check it out! Climate is one of the crucial factors that will determine your fishing strategy. This also comes with other factors such as where you fish, and the type of fish you are targeting. Understanding how the weather affects your fishing […]

How to set up a Fishing Pole

There is some evidence that the fishing pole was used long before 2000 BC. in different areas of the world. The need arose when it came to fishing in deeper waters. It’s great technological evolution took place when the rod began to be used with a resistant line and hook. First, the line was tied to the rod, then rings were used to guide the lines. The longer the line, the easier it was to tire the fish. After this the reel was invented, to avoid entangling the line. With the arrival of the Industrial Revolution and new technologies, the […]