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Fish Game

Do you know that you are a great fisherman and you want to prove it? Do you want the other fishermen in the world to know how skilled you are? Do you want to be able to differentiate yourself from the other half fishers and prove that you are a master of fishing? With WeFish you can do it! Become a reference in sport fishing, and the envy of anglers all over the world, with our level system and the global WeFish ranking that every angler must know.

With every catch we make our great community grow, and now it will also make us grow… levels!

Catch rating

We know that not all catches are worth the same. That’s why we have created a rating system for each of the catches. The community members themselves will value your catches and give you the recognition you deserve. The score you receive will help you reach the top of the WeFish ranking.

Each of our catches will push us to reach the next step on our way to the top. By publishing our catch in the Fishline, other users will be able to rate our catch with stars that will also allow us to level up.

Rate the other fishermen’s catch and they will validate yours!

Do you want to get a lot of golden stars and climb the rankings as if you were carrying a jetpack? Make your catches amaze your audience. The higher the quality of the photo, the more points it can give you. Some tips to get a better rating you can take a look at our recommendations and do not forget the Fisherman’s Manual!

Unlock new features

When you improve as a angler, the tools you can use within WeFish also increase. When you reach level 5, you will be able to access FishLab, which will let you know what all your catches have in common.

Find out which are your most effective baits and lures, when to use them, the colors of the irresistible lures and discover which one works best taking into account the atmospheric conditions of the specific fishing place.

With FishLab you can check what your catches have been based on the atmospheric parameters and, in this way, you will see in which conditions you have been more successful!

Pronósticos de Pesca
Discover all the information about FishLab tapping this image.

Quiz Game

Can fishing be more fun? The answer is yes! Introducing WeFish QuizGame. The new WeFish game you can find inside our app. Do you think you are an expert in fishing? Then test your knowledge about fishing and our app, get gold stars with your hits and climb the WeFish ranking. The challenge is to answer 10 random questions about WeFish catches

WeFish QuizGame
Can you beat the 10 questions in our QuizGame?

Achievements and Challenges

Are you an intrepid fisherman looking for real challenges to prove your worth and talent for fishing? At WeFish we also reward those who venture into new things, so we invite you to complete our challenges! Fishing different species in different ways, from different fishing spot or a specific number of different species. With every challenge you complete you will get extra Golden Stars, a real boost to start noticing that fresh air you feel in the back of your neck when you reach the highest peak in the WeFish ranking.

We’re waiting for you in Fish Game!