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The ugliest fish in the world

Are you ready to see which are the ugliest and rarest fish in the world? Don’t be scared when you see these photos of the compilation of the ugliest fish, by WeFish Blog.

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Compilation of the ugliest fish in the world


Known as “Mr. Blobby” affectionately and listed as the ugliest fish in the world. This species is found in the deepness between the coasts of Australia and Tasmania, and its body is made up of a cartilaginous mass, without having any muscle. They really don’t look like the one in the photo below, they get that ‘ugly’ when you get them out of the water. The appearance of this fish in its natural habitat is much more normal.

The ugliest fish
Blobfish, the ugliest in the world.


With an elongated body that can reach a meter and a half in length, we have the wolffish, a true predator. They inhabit the North Atlantic and the Arctic, but unfortunately their existence is in danger due to the fact that it’s an increasingly interesting fish for gastronomy.

the ugliest fish


This curious species has in its fins a deadly poison for human beings. It’s one of the most dangerous fish in the world. As you can see, its name is due to the fact that it can take on the appearance of a stone, making it much more dangerous. It’s found mainly in Australia and in the Malay Archipelago.

The ugliest fish
The dangerous stonefish.


Among the ugliest fish in the world we find this species that is distinguished by its wide nose full of bristles, similar to a mustache. It inhabits the Amazon River and others in South America.

the ugliest fish
Ancistrus in a fish tank.

Goblin shark or elfin shark

The prolongation of their snout is what makes these sharks one of the ugliest species. This little-known species was first discovered in Japan, but it’s found in deep waters of different oceans.

goblin shark
Close-up of the goblin shark.

Spotted handfish

The handfish, or spotted handfish, gets its name because it can “walk” along the seafloor thanks to its hand-like fins. It’s an endemic species to Australia and Tasmania that is among the most threatened in the world.

Spotted handfish
Spotted handfish.

Macrourida, grenadiers or rattails

They are one of the ugliest fish in the world, and we can find them in any ocean, despite their rarity. They receive this name because they have one part of the body much longer than the other, and similar to a rat’s tail.

the ugliest fish
Grenadier fish.

Red-lipped batfish

Also known as Galapagos batfish, we can find it around these islands and in Peru. They are characterized by having those bright red lips, and are dedicated to “walking” on the seabed.

the ugliest fish
Red-lipped batfish.

Humpback anglerfish or Blackdevil

Without a doubt one of the ugliest and most terrifying fish that we can see. They are usually found at a depth of 3,000 or 4,000 meters and are characterized by the luminous antenna that hangs from their heads. These predators can even against prey more than twice their length, although with that mouth, we are not surprised…

Blackdevil or Humpback anglerfish.


This poisonous species lives in shallow waters, buried in the sand to hunt for food. It is one of the ugliest fish in the world, one of the most dangerous and can even cause electric shocks.

the ugliest fish

Sea pig

The scientific name for this marine oddity is “Scotoplanes“. They live at the bottom of deep oceans and are given this name because of their plump appearance and legs.

Sea pig fish
Sea pig.

Ambon scorpionfish

An expert in camouflage that has a deadly poison and lives in coral reefs. This ugly predator crawls along the bottom of the sea and is capable of changing its color depending on the environment.

the ugliest fish
Ambon scorpionfish.

Lumpsuckers or lumpfish

Other of the ugliest fish in the world found in the cold waters of the Arctic, North Atlantic and North Pacific oceans. Its roe is highly coveted as caviar in gastronomy, which makes it a threatened species. It also has curious suction cups with which it sticks to rocks.

the ugliest fish

Ocean sunfish or Mola Mola

It’s the world’s heaviest bony fish (on average it weighs a ton). In the Spanish coasts it’s known as “mula”, although this fish (which looks like just a head) can be found in the waters of the entire planet.

the ugliest fish
Sunfish, the heaviest.

Frilled shark

This species of shark is another of the ugliest fish in the world. With a length of about 4 meters, it is considered a fossil shark, and is usually found around Japan.

the ugliest fish
Frilled shark.


The lamprea is an ugly and terrifying species, similar to eels, although it’s not exactly considered a fish, you can find it in various rivers in Galicia or Portugal. Their strange circular mouth allows them to absorb the blood of their prey. Is it scary right?

the ugliest fish


These ugly fish are very common in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans, although freshwater species rarely exist as well. They are small and similar to toads (hence their name), they even emit sounds like those of these animals. It’s a poisonous and quite sedentary species.


The hairy frogfish is also very peculiar, here is an image:

the ugliest fish
Hairy frogfish.


This is our compilation of the ugliest and also strangest fish in the world that we have found. Will our WeFish users have caught any of these? Download the app for free and find out for yourself!



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