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TopFishingLakes:Sport Fishing in Extremadura PART 2

A few weeks ago we told you part of the story of José Carlos Carrascal, a WeFisher, who works for Decathlon and collaborates with the Caperlan, the own fishing brand of this international.

Here is the second part of this interview, remember to take a look at the first part of the interview in order to understand it better, don’t forget to visit his fishing portal in Extremadura Top Fishing Lakes.

When and how did your passion for fishing begin?

Before I was born, my father had already bought me my first fishing rod, so I think my destiny in the world of fishing was already written. Of course, since my childhood, I used to join my father on his fishing days, and as soon as I got my first bicycle, I would alternate the fishing days with my father with excursions around the lagoons in my village, both with friends and alone.

How was your first time? Who did you go fishing with? Did you get to touch scales?

I guess when I was two or three, I was so small I can’t remember. My first rod, a “pardillera” that didn’t even have a reel with which I fished for chunks and sardines in the rivers near my village, the Camaces, the Huebra and the Agueda. I was so small that I could only go when my father took me. I also remember Guillermo, a good family friend who sometimes took us fishing when my father could not come.

Which fish do you like to catch the most?

I’m a black bass lover. There are other predators that I love like pike, barbel, trout or sea bass but if there’s one fish that drives me crazy, at best and at worst it’s bass. I will never forget my first black bass from Extremadura… thanks to my good friend Manute, that image was engraved in my memory forever. 

Micropterus salmonoides on WeFish

What material do you use and what do you like best?

Currently 90% of my equipment is casting. Once you “go to casting” there’s no turning back. It allows you to cast better, more accurate, much more efficient casting in the air, to set the lure gently in the water… The only thing I use spinning is to fish with very light lures or when I need really long casts. 

What kind of fishing do you do? What is your favorite?

I currently dedicate 99% of my trips to predator fishing. Casting, spinning or even rockfishing when I go to sea, are therefore my favourite modalities. As I said in the previous question, casting is my favourite due to its versatility but I enjoy all of them, as long as there is an artificial lure on the other side of the line.

What are your tricks for getting your captures?

Something of vital importance before starting to fish is to plan the day. What specific area will I go to? What will be the weather conditions? What will be the conditions of the reservoir? Level, clarity of the waters, cover and structures… And I think that many fishermen do not spend as much time on this planning phase as they should. Depending on the answer to all these questions, we will have to choose our equipment and lures. 

Once in the water, it is very important to have an open mind, as this is not an exact science and fish can behave in a different way than we had imagined from home. 
These 2 aspects are crucial: planning and an open mind once in the water.

How important is catch and release to you?

For me it should be a must, especially if we want to enjoy this hobby in the future. Our rivers, reservoirs and oceans are becoming increasingly polluted and overexploited, so not letting go of the fish only makes this situation worse. I can understand someone taking a fish to eat occasionally (I understand it but I don’t share it or do it), but I believe that the benefits of catch and release are well demonstrated and it is up to each fisherman’s conscience whether to do it or not.

Tell us that incredible story of a capture that will always remain in your memory.

My first +3kg black bass. In the morning I remember I went to Sierra Brava, when the famous “jet” was at its peak. I didn’t go to the jet, I went to another area fleeing from the overcrowding, in which I thought there might be fish but I was wrong. At lunch time I went to the bolo, I called my friend Mowgli as so many other times to see if I was “inspired” and the only thing we got clear is that I had to change the area for the afternoon.

I decided to go to Orellana, the journey took a little over half an hour and I thought I might have a better chance there. Shortly after I started, I nail a big fish, very big, but it breaks me because of a mistake I made in the assembly, I continue fishing, I nail another fish and it also breaks me, this time it was a pike. The sun was going down and the shadow of the pin was hovering over my head, and the worst thing is that it was partly my fault but I said “I’m going to get to those rocks over there and then I’ll go back to the car, it’s getting late”. And on those stones he came out with a jerkbait, 3010 grams of happiness, a day I’ll never forget.

Black bass catch on WeFish

This has been all about the fishing experience of Jose Carlos Carrascal, if you want to follow hist track follow him on WeFish under the @José Carlos -Fish so do not miss anything about the world of fishing do not forget to visit the WeFish blog where content is uploaded weekly.

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