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Going on a fishing trip is exciting. A day in nature, with friends, family, or alone, but enjoying our hobby. What more could you want? Well yes, you can ask that everything goes well and get enough catches. For this, we will need to plan everything beforehand.

So if you’re wondering how to plan your fishing trip, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we will explain how to plan your fishing trips thanks to WeFish app.

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Why plan your fishing trip?

Going out fishing is not only taking the rods, the car, and planting ourselves in a fishing area. It almost always involves a prior study, planning so as not to err in our calculations and increase the chances of catches, also enjoying a stable weather and no surprises. Therefore, at home, we must start our outing always attentive to a series of factors that will make fishing much easier.

Planning a fishing day is one of the most important aspects if we want to obtain good results throughout each season, mastering these factors, it is very likely that after the years we will know how, where, and when to go fishing in each of the places we usually go to, and even how to plan fishing days in a place we don’t usually go to, be it on vacation or on a fishing trip that we are going to organize.

This way you will not have to ask other fishermen, who normally (and understandably) keep their fishing spots and the conditions under which they fish with discretion. Many are the days that the fishing enthusiast dedicates to this sport until he learns to master it, knowing the fishing spots, their most favorable conditions, and many other factors that help to obtain good results in our fishing journeys.

Therefore, the purpose of this article is to explain which are the basic steps to organize our days and how we should proceed step by step, to know how to interpret and choose, in general terms, the conditions under which we should go fishing and where they will be more accurate. So we will use the tools offered by WeFish fishing app in order to plan our fishing trips.

Planning a fishing trip
“Planning a fishing day is one of the most important aspects if we want to obtain good results.”

How to plan your fishing trip with WeFish

WeFish is a very complete fishing app that will undoubtedly provide fishermen with many solutions for our day to day. One of them answers this post: How to plan your fishing trips?

Plan your journey – WeFish

It is quite simple, we go to the ‘Plan your journey’ section and select a point on the map and a day of the week. The first information we get is the basic hourly weather conditions (sun, clouds, rain, moon …) in addition to the wind speed and the amount of rain that can fall.

The next thing we get is a very useful graph that indicates a percentage of general fishing activity per hour, this can be high, low, or medium. It also gives an option to check the most active species, which we will explain in the next section of this post.

If we continue scrolling, we will be able to see all the graphs of meteorological variables that must be taken into account when planning your fishing trips. These are:

  • Sun/Moon: Information about the lunar phase that there will be, the amount of luminosity of the moon, and the times of sunrise and sunset, and moonrise and moonset. There is much debate among fishermen as to the effect of the sun and the moon on the behavior of fish. You can find out a little more thanks to this post.
  • Tide: Data on low tide, high tide, hourly tide, and tidal coefficient.
  • Wind: We will be able to know the speed and direction of the wind in each hour, as well as the maximum and minimum wind that there will be.
  • Surge: Information on the height of the waves as well as the maximum and minimum that there will be.
  • Temperature: We will be able to know the maximum and minimum temperature of the air, as well as the temperature of the water.
  • Pressure: Finally, we have information about the atmospheric pressure that will be per hour as well as the maximum and minimum. If you want to know how barometric pressure influences fishing, we recommend reading this post.

If after seeing all the weather conditions for that day at that fishing spot they seem optimal for planning your fishing trip, you can do two more things: Share this scheduled fishing trip with your anglers friends by tapping on the ‘Arrange trip’ button; or save that particular fishing spot.

Plan your fishing trip with WeFish
Plan your fishing trip with WeFish
Plan your fishing trip with WeFish
Plan your fishing trip with WeFish

Screenshots of ‘Plan your journey’ section by WeFish

FishGuru – WeFish

Within the ‘Plan your journey’ section of the WeFish app, we will find another tab called ‘FishGuru’, which can also be accessed by tapping on the ‘check the most active species’ button that we have mentioned above.

Well, this option will also help us to plan our fishing trips, as it is an innovative tool that predicts the most active species. How does it work? Select a point on the map and a date and you will get a list of the most active species with their activity by hours.

And that’s not all, if you tap a specific species you will get:

  • The activity according to moon phase.
  • The activity by the month of the year.
  • Recommended modalities to catch it.
  • Best baits to catch it.
  • Best lures to catch it.
  • And most effective colors for that lures.

It should be noted that it is not magic or unfounded predictions, the information offered by FishGuru is based on the thousands of catches registered in WeFish as well as the catches registered by the user.

That is, they are totally personalized predictions for each fisherman. The more catches and more information the user records, the more accurate the predictions provided by FishGuru will be. Planning our fishing trips has never been so easy! If you want to know more information about FishGuru and know in-depth how this tool works, click here.

WeFish FishGuru
Plan your fishing trip with WeFish
Plan your fishing trip with WeFish

Screenshots of WeFish FishGuru.

Today we have the information available in a multitude of apps and the internet, so we can even enjoy some very interesting preparations for the day. Our recommendation is to document the species and their habits that inhabit your fishing areas, and a study of the scenarios.

As you have seen, planning your outings before going fishing is essential to ensure success and get more catches. We hope this post has been useful to you and that from now on you will use WeFish to plan your fishing trips.



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