Florida Fishing | Is Florida a Good Place to Fish?

Florida is considered “The Fishing Capital of the World” with more world records for fish catches than any other state or country. You might ask yourself… Why is Florida such a good place to fish? This is due to its great resources, the diversity of fish for sport fishing, habitats, good weather, year-round fishing and an excellent tourist and fishing infrastructure that are second to none. Do you want to find an irreplaceable and magical fishing place, where you can get to catch the fish of your dreams? We are going to tell all the secrets that make the Sunshine […]

Walleye Fishing | How to Catch a Walleye

Walleye fishing may seem difficult but at WeFish we are going to help you to make it a piece of cake. In this post we will explain everything you need to know to catch a walleye: Behavior of this species, types of fishing to catch it, what is the best equipment, tips and tricks … Do not miss it! What is a walleye? To learn about fishing for a species, we must first get to know that species. When we talk about the walleye we can refer to two different species of fish: Sander lucioperca: known as Zander, Pikeperch or […]

Fishing License | Who Needs a Fishing License in Florida?

There is a fishing heaven and it is called Florida. ‘The Sunshine State’ is one of the best places for fishing, as it offers so many different options for us anglers: incredible deep sea fishing on the Gulf of Mexico, amazing lakes to reel in any type of bass and the majestic Atlantic, the best place for big game fishing. From WeFish we strongly recommend you to be well prepared before going fishing in Florida and get your fishing license. But before trying to grow your WeFish Fishing Diary with incredible species from Florida, you must make sure you follow […]

Florida Fishing | How to get a Fishing License in Florida

Ready to get your fishing licence? Florida is one of the most privileged places for fishing around the world. This is because almost all fishing techniques can be practiced in the “Sunshine State”, as it has a wide variety of species both saltwater and freshwater in the area. And as always, we want you to be able to fully enjoy fishing in a totally legal and safe way, that is why we go over how to get a fishing license in the beautiful state of Florida. Once you have your fishing license, you will only have to worry that the […]

Best Fishing Kayaks Under 1000 USD

Today we bring to our blog the best kayaks under 1000 USD. If you like kayaking, kayak fishing or just go relaxing in the sea in one of them, this post is for you. We collect the best kayaks at affordable prices for those who are looking to renew theirs or get started with it. What is a Kayak? The kayak is a variety of dugout canoe for one to four crew members whose use is mainly sporting. They were originally single-manned and used for fishing and hunting. The crew member or paddler is accommodated seated and oriented in the […]

Florida Fishing | Who sells fishing licenses in Florida?

Do you want to know who sells fishing licenses in Florida? We will tell you. In WeFish we have already talked in other posts about Florida fishing licenses: their cost, who needs them, where to purchase them… Today we go a little deeper into this last question to explain who sells fishing licenses in Florida. In the blog post ‘Where to buy a Florida fishing license? ‘ we have already told you where you can purchase fishing licenses in Florida, both physically and online. We will briefly summarize them: Online, at the internet, through the GoOutdoorsFlorida.com website. By calling toll-free […]

Florida Fishing License | How much does it cost?

If you want to know the florida fishing license cost, you are in the correct place. The Sunshine State is one of the best places in the world for practicing any type of fishing. That is why you will find it impossible to resist picking up a rod while you are here. But before starting you must make sure to get a Florida fishing license. It is important to be covered while you are fishing in Florida. This is why we have written this post, to answer some of your questions about the matter. Even if you are a resident […]

Crappie Fishing | How to Catch Crappies?

Crappie fishing is lauded by many anglers for a combination of crappie’s characteristics that make it pure fun. So why is the crappie such a popular gamefish for sportfishing? How can we catch them? What is the best season for crappie fishing? Are there several species of crappie? How can we like such a small fish so much? Knowing how to fish for crappie may seem simple, but it is pretty complex. These elusive fish are difficult to locate and incredibly fun to catch. We will tell you about the best crappie fishing tips. Species whose strike is often so […]

Where to Buy a Florida Fishing License? | WeFish App

If you are wondering where to buy a Florida fishing license, you have come to the right place. At WeFish, we can tell you where you can get a Florida fishing license, whether from a physical location or online. Fishing licenses in Florida The state of Florida is considered one of the best destinations for fishing in the United States. Its climate, variety of coasts, lakes, and diversity of species make this place one of the favorites for anglers. From WeFish, we have also compiled a list of the top eight fishing spots in Florida. Well, let’s start with what a […]

Best Fishing Spots in Florida | WeFish App

Hello, WeFishers! It’s time to talk about one of our favorites places in the world. Yes, you guessed right, it’s Florida. The Sunshine State offers so many different fishing options for us anglers, wrecks, flats, deep water trenches, mangroves – you name it! However, we have curated a list of the top eight places our users like the most, and we hope this will help you decide where to go on your next fishing trip. Miami Miami has a lot to offer and we can think of hundreds of reasons to visit it; amazing beaches, exciting nightlife, and so much […]