Best Fishing Spots in Florida | WeFish App

Hello, WeFishers! It’s time to talk about one of our favorites places in the world. Yes, you guessed right, it’s Florida. The Sunshine State offers so many different fishing options for us anglers, wrecks, flats, deep water trenches, mangroves – you name it! However, we have curated a list of the top eight places our users like the most, and we hope this will help you decide where to go on your next fishing trip. Miami Miami has a lot to offer and we can think of hundreds of reasons to visit it; amazing beaches, exciting nightlife, and so much […]

Types of Fishing Knots | WeFish App

Do you want to know all the types of fishing knots that exist? How to tie them? Which are the easiest? We tell you all about it on WeFish. You will also find photos, drawings, and videos to understand how to tie fishing knots in an easy way. What are fishing knots? Tying knots is a very necessary activity in various sports such as boating, climbing, scouting, and, of course, fishing. In our case, we are going to talk about fishing knots, although some of these can also be used in other situations. So what are fishing knots for? Well, […]

Major League Fishing | All you need to know

Do you love fishing? Have you heard about Major League Fishing? There is a lot of evidence that the passionate anglers have heard about it, but do we all know its history? Do we  know all the secrets? In this article, we will tackle what Major League Fishing is about and may answer many of your questions. Major League Fishing: General introduction This is one of our favorite sports organizations, and we love to follow every one of their events.  Watching pro anglers competing against each other or paying attention to how they manage to overcome their difficulties (which, by […]

Fishing lures

Fishing lures are a part of the essential equipment on a fishing day. These consist of artificial imitations of fish or prey necessary to attract our catches. How do we get the fish to bite? It will depend on the color of the lure, the shape or prey it imitates, the material and even the movement we give it to trick the fish. What fishing lure to choose? As we have mentioned before, fishing lures are imitations of prey, and together with the rod and reel, they are one of the most important elements when fishing. Having a box prepared […]

▷ Grouper Fishing | How to Catch a Grouper

Do you want to know everything about grouper fishing? Fishing tips, where to find them, characteristics of the groupers and more information here, in WeFish. We also have a surprise for you, go to the end of this post to take a quiz and show how much you know about grouper fishing. Amazing grouper fishing videos Before starting with the information, we want to delight you with some of the most amazing grouper fishing videos on the internet: The NFL star Sam Barrington go fishing for monster goliath groupers off the coast of Florida: Catching giant groupers: Grouper fishing in […]

Mahi Mahi Fishing | How to Catch the Dolphinfish

This post is a complete guide of the fish with a thousand names. We will discover where and how to catch dolphinfish, dorado or mahi mahi. One of the most widespread fish on the planet, we can find it anywhere in the world. But in every part of the globe, this curious fish receives its own name. Instead, it can be recognized worldwide by its scientific nomenclature “Coryphaena hippurus”. Next, we review some of the most outstanding curiosities of this species and we will see techniques to catch it. The dolphinfish or mahi mahi is one of the most sought […]

Jig Fishing for Beginners | Become an Expert!

Jig fishing has become in recent years one of the star modalities of sport fishing around the world, although it originally comes from Japan. From WeFish we tell you everything you need to know to get started in jig fishing: Technique, materials, species to catch, tips… Don’t miss it! Jig fishing or jigging comes from the word ‘jig’, the lures used for this modality, which imitate the vertical movement of a fish when it goes up to the surface (hence it’s also called vertical fishing). This type of fishing will allow us to catch a large number and variety of […]

Squid Fishing | All About Eging Fishing – WeFish App 🐠

We are at a perfect time of year for squid, octopus and cuttlefish fishing. The best modality for catching cephalopods is eging fishing. It’s a very simple type of fishing. This style of fishing of Japanese origin has spread throughout the world thanks to its efficiency and ease. Eging fishing is so popular, in the first place, because it’s for catching species that you can find in much of the planet, which is why it’s a very widespread practice in most countries of the world. Second, it is a very fun modality, which we can practice on the coast or […]

Fishing with Soft Plastic | How to Choose?

Soft plastics are, without a doubt, one of the coolest types of lures that we can use, both for the variety of solutions they provide and for their effectiveness. The perfection in their manufacture nowadays makes them really look like live fish, making fishing with soft plastic a guaranteed success. The soft plastic market offer is particularly wide. Sizes, colors, shapes, densities, textures, etc. In short, a whole set of possibilities that does not always facilitate the choice of one or the other model. So how do you decide? In this new WeFish blog post we will analyze in detail […]

Are Sharks Mammals or Fish? | WeFish App

It is estimated that the first shark species appeared on the planet 400 million years ago and they have been diversifying ever since. Almost half a thousand different shark species have been known. Despite the great antiquity of the shark species, one of the most questioned issues regarding the sea is still debated: Is shark a mammal or is it a fish? Currently there are many defenders of the two positions. There is also a neutral position that ensures that it is neither one thing nor the other. In WeFish, we are going to solve this question that has intrigued […]